About Evans Industries, Inc.

Evans Industries, Inc. is a private equity company investing in small to medium size manufacturing companies producing handling, mobility products and other engineered products for manufacturers and distributors in diverse markets.

Evans Industries, Inc. began in the early 1900’s as Evans Products Company – a leading supplier of automotive transportation systems and building materials. It was a billion dollar NYSE company. In 1955, Evans Products spun off several small companies to its executive vice president and son of the founder, Robert Beverley Evans, Sr. These companies became Evans Industries.

Robert B. Evans, Sr. became chairman of American Motors in 1965. The company is now managed by his son, Robert B. Evans, Jr. Chairman and CEO, and William Martin Vice Chairman and President. The same management systems, values and culture that produced the dynamic success in Evans Products Company drives EII today. Evans Industries continues to look for and invest in small engineered products companies, particularly in the material handling industry.


Bridging Legacy and Innovation with a Timeless Logo Evolution

Evans Industries, Inc. proudly introduces a revitalized brand identity, merging tradition with innovation. Our new logo pays homage to the legacy of our designer and friend, [Person’s Name], incorporating iconic elements from the old logo. This thoughtful evolution symbolizes a seamless blend of our rich history with a forward-looking vision. As we embrace change and propel into the future, the updated brand reflects our commitment to honoring the past while driving innovation and excellence at Evans Industries, Inc.